Directions to Redgate

Come up the Expressway & follow exit signs to Taree. Actually the right exit at end of Expressway. When you go over the bridge at Hexham you are on the Pacific Highway. Drive through Heatherbrae & turn off left to Raymond Terrace. Your left turn takes you through 2 roundabouts immediately & swing right at 2nd roundabout into Raymond Terrace. You are actually on the old Pacific Highway. Keep going till you see McDonalds - swing left at McDonalds into William Bailey Street. We are about 12 minutes from the Terrace.

Go through roundabout, over Fitzgeralds Bridge & out of town. Take 3rd turn to your left which is Brandy Hill Drive.

I will give you the first 2 left turns as landmarks. First left says Morpeth, Maitland. Don’t take it. Second turn left says Hinton 8kms. Don’t take it. Go on & turn left into

Brandy Hill Drive - 41/2 kms long & ends at a T intersection. Follow Brandy Hill till you come out at the T intersection. Finger board says Maitland to the left & Clarencetown to the right. Turn left – you are already at the farm. First gate on left (about 1 km) says ‘Redgate Gourmet next entrance’

It’s 1.5 kms from your last turn to our gate on your left.

Any problems ring us.